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NTIMC Publications and Products

NTIMC Publications and Products

Core Competencies

Multidisciplinary Core Competencies is a document defining the core competencies that all Traffic Incident Responders should have. Developed by the NTIMC Training Task Force, the Multidisciplinary Core Competencies provide a common framework for training responders to work in the traffic incident environment, regardless of their discipline.

Technical Briefs on Traffic Incident Management Topics

Lane Designation Terminology

Benefits of Traffic Incident Management

Prompt, Reliable Incident Communications

Responder Safety

Safe, Quick Clearance

Example Strategies for Building Stronger State TIM Programs

National Unified Goal Outreach Materials

NUG Trifold Brochure- This tri-fold provides a quick overview of the NUG, lists the 18 strategies, and ratifying organizations.

NUG Bookmark - Good for raising awareness, this bookmark contains the 18 NUG strategies.

The following materials may be downloaded and duplicated.

National Unified Goal- This one-page, double-sided document is the official National Unified Goal.

NUG FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions about the NUG.

Detailed Explanation of National Unified Goal - This 4-page document provides additional explanation of the NUG.

Traffic Incident Facts - Facts about traffic incidents and responder safety.

NUG Talking Points-Talking points to weave into NUG briefings and presentations.

Anatomy of a Traffic Incident- Traffic Incident Response is more complex than most people realize. This 2-page handout explains why it can take a long time to clear even a well-managed traffic incident