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Objectives and Strategies

The Detailed Explanation of National Unified Goal document provides information on how the NTIMC is working with national, State, regional, and local TIM partners to implement the NUG’s 18 strategies.

The NUG is organized around three major objectives:

  • Responder Safety.
  • Safe, Quick Clearance.
  • Prompt, Reliable Incident Communications.

The NUG promotes achievement of these objectives through 18 strategies:

  1. TIM Partnerships and Programs.
  2. Multidisciplinary NIMS and TIM Training.
  3. Goals for Performance and Progress.
  4. TIM Technology.
  5. Effective TIM Policies.
  6. Awareness and Education Partnerships.
  7. Recommended Practices for Responder Safety.
  8. Move Over/Slow Down Laws.
  9. Driver Training and Awareness.
  10. Multidisciplinary TIM Procedures.
  11. Response and Clearance Time Goals.
  12. 24/7 Availability.
  13. Multidisciplinary Communications Practices and Procedures.
  14. Prompt, Reliable Responder Notification.
  15. Interoperable Voice and Data Networks.
  16. Broadband Emergency Communications Systems.
  17. Prompt, Reliable Traveler Information Systems.
  18. Partnerships with News Media and Information Providers.