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Move Over / Slow Down Laws

Slow Down / Move Over laws require motorists to change lanes to provide an empty travel lane between their vehicle and emergency vehicles along the roadside, or to slow down while approaching—and passing—a traffic incident, if moving to another lane is not possible. Promotion of the enactment, awareness and enforcement of Move Over / Slow Down laws is a key strategy for enhancing responder safety.


AAA's Slow Down / Move Over Campaign - NTIMC member organization AAA has launched a public information and legislative campaign to promote Slow Down / Move Over laws. Downloads available from AAA's web site include:

  • 50 State Move Over Law Map
  • Model Language for a Move-Over Law
  • State Move Over Laws Chart
  • Move Over Fact Sheet

I-95 Corridor Coalition Summary of Move Over Laws - The I-95 Corridor Coalition tracks Move-Over laws.

Public Education

Sarah's Story - An 18-minute DVD that tells a real-life story of how lives were tragically changed when a teen driver violated the Michigan Move-Over law. Free. Appropriate for educating motor vehicle operators of all ages. Produced by the Monroe, Michigan Intermediate School District and the Monroe Court System. Available free from the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen's Association Emergency Responder Safety Institute.